Writing for the Internet 101

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The internet is craving for quality content, therefore, freelance writing is a great career, or if you own your own site or blog, you need to keep feeding good content to make it “fresh” and keep earning revenue from ads. On the other hand, if you want to start a freelance writing career, you just need to use your free time to write a few articles a day and publish them on the internet in order to build a portfolio and earn money in different sites.

Choose a subject you enjoy

If you want to start writing content for the internet, then you should choose a subject you know about and you like! For instance, if your hobby is ‘pets’ then you can write articles on how to groom them and take care of them, what are the best types of food for each type of animal and so on. This will make writing much easier. On the other hand, you can choose to write about a subject you don’t know much about, but be careful, if that’s the case, choose a subject you are at least familiar with and do plenty of research on the scope of your article.

Do some research

There are plenty of sources of information for your article, and a well-researched article stands out from the crowd. It’s very easy to spot an article lacking good information or that seems too vague and imprecise. You should also do extensive reading on your subject of choice, not only when you are writing an article about it, but regularly to keep up-to-date.

Proofread and edit

Please do not forget to check your work for spelling and grammar mistakes, redundant or unclear sentences and concepts, or ask someone else to do it for you. Do proofread and check for facts and bits of information more than once. Your language and vocabulary needs to be as good as possible, and you must practice and polish your writing skills frequently, everyday if possible. There are many sites such as online dictionaries you can use.


Writing for the internet is very rewarding as well as difficult, and you might find it as a perfect way to improve your English skills, provide the audience with interesting information as well as earn some money in the process.


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