War Between The Two

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It looks completely weird that some could ever imagine to write on such futile topic…. A war between light and darkness…..it  was just an story….. Or u can say…… a feeling of darkness…….as what I thought?

So the story starts hope u all like it……

Today world  has  gone mad, in the world of lightness. Only in few corners now, you can see darkness, the existence of darkness is now in danger, for the first time the sword of the death was on darkness’s neck…. Today  light was flying over him to kill him and to accomplish his thousand year of kingdom… darkness is crying for the help and saying to save him from lightness, but the humans  have become senseless. They can’t see the pain of the poor little child (darkness). As the time is passing the heartbeat of darkness is going slow and slow, even the God is not helping him and it seems to him that God and time too left him to die a monstrous death. Then who will save him from light? Light already created his army and ready to eliminate darkness…….. From a secret source  we know that the army of light is made of bulbs , tube lights, emergency lights, generator and many more dangerous weapons……. And from our secret sources, this time not only “fire” is taking part in war, but also light’s most powerful weapon ever created by him………

Electricity…. It has awesome powers, if darkness will only defeat him then it can be said that he won the half battle……but there is still hope for the darkness.. In the forest and in the rural area’s…..

If the light won this war …….. Light  will come with happiness, but we have not to forgot the adverse effect of it…in the sparkling lights, people don’t sleep and if this continue they will  loose their temperament so easily at any instant………..

Today humans are seeking blood of each other. Slowly -slowly they are becoming fox seeking for blood……and then they will  completely become a grim. Now in the world there is no peace , everything is going off and only one thing is responsible for all this mess…… HUMAN. At this rate all the things will be destroy, humans are not understanding this thing and they are just neglecting the assassin of the poor child (darkness). If this continue who know whose  assassin is human planning future…….

I hope u all like this silly story…. One thing I  would like to tell u it’s not my views it’s that poor little child views (darkness). 


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