Can I Write outside My fields of Expertise on Factoidz

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If you have never heard of a writing site called Factoidz or if you are a new member to the site, you were probably somewhat taken aback when you registered and were required to list subjects you felt you had expertise in. Some people hesitate to join this wonderful site because they fear that they will be limited to writing articles only to those subjects they listed on the registration form.

I too had this concern when I began writing for factoidz. While I chose topics that I was most interested in I did not want to be limited to writing only to those topics. I soon discovered that this was not the case. The first article I wrote that was out of my supposed expertise areas was quickly accepted and I found that I even received votes giving me expertise in this new area.

It was quite a liberating feeling to know that I was not limited to writing articles on limited topics, but could in fact write on any topic I chose.

The choosing of expert topics simply tells anyone viewing your profile which topics you feel the most proficient in giving them an insight into what to expect from the overall content of your writing. This is especially helpful for people looking for articles on particular topics and will increase your views when people want to read about a topic you have listed as your expertise.

In other words, choosing topics you are an expert in makes it easier for the reader and in no way limits your ability to write on whatever topic you desire.

So if you have hesitated writing for Factoidz because you were concerned that your writing would be limited then go ahead and register and write for this site. You can write any article you want both outside and inside your areas of expertise.


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