How to Write Simple Poetry

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I loved to write poetry growing up.   I even joined the National Society of Poets about 10 years ago and submitted some of my poetry.  I had several poems published in several of their books.  I found that writing poetry was a very soul searching thing to do.  I also noticed that sitting in the right setting, which is usually outdoors and enjoying nature can inspire you.  Also a life changing event can inspire you to write a poem about it.  I have also written poems for other people at their request.

  1. One thing I found very useful in writing poetry is creating a little cheat sheet to help me with rhyming words. I started out with some simple words and put all the rhyming words under them. Example: Night, Alright, Flight, Sight, Bite, Fright. Love, Dove, Above, Glove, etc. You get the idea.
  2. Next I try to keep each paragraph a length of 4 lines. I keep the last word in the 2nd line and 4th line rhyming. Below is a poem I wrote for my grandmother as an example.

It seems you are so far away
Yet in my thoughts so near
Such a loving and caring person
You are so special and so dear

I sit and take a look at my life
I can trace my family tree2.gif
The truth is – without you
I realize I would not BE!

We all know life can quickly pass
And we all have different dreams
Yet we take so much for granted
Over the years it truly seems

Although our many memories
Will continue to last forever
It is still so very, very true
A Grandmother is a TREASURE!!!


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