The Darkness Achievement List Xbox 360

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The Darkness Achievement List Xbox 360:

<u>Hoodlum</u> – Be on the winning side in a multiplayer match in any of the multiplayer modes
<u>Patriot</u> – Capture a flag in a CTF match
<u>Murderer</u> – Claim a Killing Streak in multiplayer
<u>Hard to Kill</u> – Take enough damage without dying within a multiplayer match
<u>Flag Runner</u> – Capture 20 flags in a CTF match
<u>Flag Owner</u> – Capture 50 flags in a CTF match
<u>Butcher</u> – Claim 20 Killing Streaks in multiplayer
<u>Mook</u> – Be on the winning side in 5 multiplayer matches
<u>Henchman</u> – Be on the winning side in 20 multiplayer matches
<u>Contract Killer</u> – Be on the winning side in 50 multiplayer matches
<u>Made Man</u> – Be on the winning side in 100 multiplayer matches
<u>The Don</u> – Be on the winning side in 250 multiplayer matches
<u>Anti Hero</u> – Complete game on normal setting
<u>Legendary Dark</u> – Complete game on hard setting
<u>Cannibal</u> – Devour 300 enemies
<u>Fashionable</u> – Collect all the Darkling outfits
<u>Bringing People Together</u> – Trap 5 enemies within a Black Hole
<u>Rogue Killer</u> – Kill 15 enemies using Creeping Dark
<u>Void Bringer</u> – Kill 20 enemies using Black Hole
<u>Gunner</u> – Kill 30 enemies using Darkness Guns
<u>Ripper</u> – Kill 30 enemies using Demon Arm
<u>Summoner</u> – Summon 5 Darklings
<u>Legendary Summoner</u> – Summon 50 Darklings
<u>Darkness Master</u>  – Only for those who are completely in tune with the Darkness
<u>Roadkill</u>  – Kill the workers in the tunnel
<u>Ghandi</u>  – Find a peaceful solution. At least momentarily
<u>Romantic</u>  – Real guys stick around for their ladies
<u>Heart of Gold</u>  – Help those in need
<u>Gunslinger</u>  – Kill 7 enemies within 15 seconds
<u>Anti Air</u>  – Bring down the Chopper
<u>Take a Look at the Sky</u> – Take down 6 airplanes.
<u>Knuckle, Meet Face</u>  – Perform a melee kill for the first time
<u>Up Close and Personal</u>  – Perform an execution move for the first time
<u>Executioner</u>  – Kill 25 enemies using execution moves
<u>Picking Up Stuff</u>  – Unlock a collectable for the first time
<u>Gatherer</u>  – Unlock 25 collectables
<u>The Collector</u>  – Unlock 50 collectables
<u>The Obsessive Collector</u>  – Unlock 75 collectables
<u>Completionist</u>  – Unlock 100 collectables
<u>Bullet Dodger</u>  – Finish a multiplayer match with less than 5 deaths (minimum of 4 players)
<u>Legendary Executioner</u>  – Kill 50 enemies using execution moves
<u>Beginnings</u>  – Complete the first part of the game
<u>Into the Dark</u> – Complete the second part of the game
<u>Happy Birthday</u>  – Acquire Creeping Dark
<u>No Man’s Land</u> – Acquire Demon Arm
<u>Crazy For You</u> – Acquire Black Hole
<u>Hills</u>  – Acquire Darkness Guns
<u>Darkling Master</u> – Acquire all Darkling types
<u>One With the Dark</u>  – Achieve maximum Darkness level
<u>Keeper of the Secret</u> – Someone’s waiting by the phone

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