Guitar Hero Wolrd Tour Achievement List Xbox 360

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Guitar Hero Wolrd Tour Achievement List Xbox 360:

<u>Learning the Ropes</u> – Complete a tutorial
<u>One Time Solo Artist</u> – Completed a song (Solo)
<u>Stix</u> – Perform as a Drummer (Band or Solo)
<u>Yodeler</u> – Perform as a Vocalist (Band or Solo)
<u>Pick and Axe</u> – Perform as a Guitarist (Band or Solo)
<u>Feeding the Beast</u> – Upload a song to GHTunes
<u>Download Junkie</u> – Download a few songs from GHTunes
<u>A Pair Beats A Pair</u> – Complete an Xbox LIVE 2 v 2 Pro Face-Off match (win or lose)
<u>Survival of the Fittest</u> – Complete an Xbox LIVE Battle Mode match win or lose
<u>Mine is Bigger Than Yours</u> – Complete an Xbox LIVE Band v Band match (win or lose)
<u>First of Many</u> – Complete a gig (Band or Solo)
<u>One Man Band</u> – Perform as every instrument at least once (Vocals, Lead, Bass & Drums)
<u>Should We Stick Together?</u> – Complete a song in a band (4 player band)
<u>50 Note Posse</u> – All band members get a 50 note streak at the same time (4 player band)
<u>Easy There</u> – Complete a Career on easy (Band or Solo)
<u>Solo Artist</u> – Complete a solo career (any difficulty)
<u>Band on a Mission</u> – Complete the majority of the gigs (Band or Solo)
<u>Bling, Bling</u> – Earn $1,000,000 in lifetime earnings
<u>Top of the Charts</u> – Complete a band career (any difficulty)
<u>Medium Musician</u> – Complete a Career on medium (Band or Solo)
<u>Solid Gold Rockstars</u> – 100% a song as a band (4 player band)
<u>Platinum Rockstars</u> – 100% a song as a band, hard or expert only (4 player band)
<u>Hardcore</u> – Complete a Career on hard (Band or Solo)
<u>Hall of Famer</u> – Complete a Career on expert (Band or Solo)
<u>Jack of All Trades</u> – Complete all instrument careers – any difficulty (Band or Solo)
<u>Stamp Of Approval</u> – You created your own band logo
<u>One Of A Kind Axe</u> – You created your own custom guitar
<u>Warrior Of Rock</u> – You created a male band member
<u>Custom Beats</u> – You created your own custom drums
<u>Rock Maiden</u> – You created a female band member
<u>Inked</u> – You created a custom tattoo
<u>Leading Lady</u> – You rocked out as Hayley Williams
<u>The Experience</u> – You rocked out as Jimi Hendrix
<u>The Dark Prince</u> – You rocked out as Ozzy Osbourne
<u>Pumpkin Smasher</u> – You rocked out as Billy Corgan
<u>Bad to the Bone</u> – You rocked out as the Skeleton
<u>Wylde Man</u> – You rocked out as Zack Wylde
<u>Motorcity Madman</u> – You rocked out as Ted Nugent
<u>Don’t Blink</u> – You rocked out as Travis Barker
<u>Shiny Metal Thingy</u> – You rocked out as the Rockubot
<u>Guitarist’s Coattails</u> – Get the highest score in the band as the lead or bass guitar (4 player band)
<u>Vocalist’s Coattails</u> – You got the highest score in a band as the vocalist
<u>1.21 Jigowatts?!?!</u> – All band members activated star power at the same time
<u>Super Group Unite</u> – You earned an 8x multiplier with the rest of the band at the same time
<u>Axe Museum</u> – You unlocked all of the guitars
<u>Get Your Boogie On</u> – You scored 222,222 or higher on the song Satch Boogie as the Lead guitarist
<u>Muse to My Ears</u> – You scored 222,222 or higher on the song Assassin as a Drummer
<u>Mike Checka'</u> – You scored 123,450 or higher on the song Beat It as a Vocalist
<u>Heavy Metall…</u> – You scored 444,444 or more on the song Trapped Under Ice
<u>TOOL of Destruction</u> – You scored 444,444 or more on the song Schism

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