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Recently, I’ve written quite a lot about making money online from writing articles – plus making money from more traditional ways, such as being an affiliate promoting Internet services.
Since you who read this probably like to write, here’s yet another tip:
Why not become an online news reporter?
There are a couple of article submission sites that concentrate on news, and one of them is Ground Report.
The idea is simple. You’re probably interested in at least one of the topics on Ground Report:

Write your little news item, upload it, and it’s published. That’s pretty much it. Thanks to the ads, your item is ticking money. And just like at Bukisa, you share your revenues with the other members, meaning you may earn money from stuff written by others.
One very positive aspect of Ground Report, is that it really looks like a news portal; the design is nice and professional, and it doesn’t look cheap and amateurish (like Xomba).
Ground Report follows the Creative Commons copyright laws.
Why not give it a try?

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