The natural way of having a beautiful skin

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Not all of us are gifted with a beautiful skin. Most of us has to visit the expensive dermatologists in order to address skin problems, especially dry skin. Some of us visited the net maybe to address the problem of dry skin.

Recently, I did try a lot of natural methods just to achieve a supple, soft and beautiful skin. At once, I tried lemon with honey and then applied it to my arms, legs and face. Yes, it did help a little but I think you need to maintain this regimen more often and spend more of your time.

After trying all sorts and comparing results with the use of some commercial lotions, none of them has satisfied me. What I mean is, yes, it gives you satisfaction for a while but it does not last that long. It means you have to have patience in repeating the process day and night.

I did remember, once in a long, long time ago, I had a friend who was so vain. She told me to try using olive oil, but I just let it pass. This time, I tried it and alas, it really is true.

Here’s how:

1. At day time after taking a bath, apply small amount of olive oil on your arms, legs and face. Let it stay for a few hours.

2. At night time before going to sleep, take a bath again but do not overdo with lathering so that a little amount of oil will stay on your skin for the night. (as a moisturizer)

In the morning, you’ll see the result immediately.

It’s not only practical and cheap, it does wonder to your scars too.


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