Hinduism and Bhuddism

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In 1500 B.C, the Aryans invaded the northern portion of India and spread their culture on that particular place. They were able to spread their Sanskrit language and were able to establish a social structure which divide the people into four class, it is called the Varnas.One of the worlds oldest religious text that was still in use today was developed by this civilization. It is called the Reg-Veda, dating back from the Aryan period.



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Two of the epic poems, the Mahahharata and the Ramayana, recorded between 900 to 500 B.C. This epics was said to have taught the principles of Hinduism. Hinduism is India’s major religion. The religion of Hinduism includes the belief in reincarnation, the belief in a universal spirit, and the belief to the obligation to perform the duties of ones caste.

Reincarnation In Art


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In about 500 B.C, another religion emerged in India. The religion was called Buddhism. It spread from India to the countries of the east and South East Asia.

Siddhartha Gautama was known and called as Buddha or the “Enlightened One”. Buddha taught that by eliminating desire, by following rules of behavior, “the Eight Fold Path” people can escape the cycle of rebirth.

Buddha’s Entry to PariNirvana


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Asoka helped spread Buddhism in India and beyond.Asoka is a Mauryan ruler who founded an empire and ruled India from 322 to 184 B.C. Both Bhuddism and Hinduism plays an important rule not only in Indian but also in some Asian society. This religions shapes many Asian countries spiritually and socially.


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