League of Legends – excellent game treading the dark world

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Perhaps one of the most outstanding in the Champions League of Legends is the Yordle Amumu. His life before entering the league is not known – especially for Amumu. He remembers only that he was alone in a pyramid in the desert when he woke up. He was wrapped in mummy bandages and felt his heart beating. Moreover, he felt deep sorrow that he could be explained only in part. He knew that he had lost his parents, but he could not remember who they were. Amumu dropped to his knees and wept into his bandages. No matter what he did, he was never able to overcome these tears and sorrow. Eventually he pulled himself up again and walked sadly out into the world. So he found his way into the league, and it seems that you could also use the raw power of unbridled emotions.

To date Amumu is a very sad mummy, sometimes alternating with the fury and crushing depression. During these times, we better not come near him because you would otherwise probably be tied up and choking up again in his bandages. When an enemy unit dies in Amumus Center, whose body explodes and causes magic damage to all units nearby. Amumu can channel his grief into a terrible rage. He can wrap enemy units nearby, and thus inhibit them in their movement. He temporarily reduces the magic resistance of all enemies, whom he meets.


Q – Bandages Litter – Amumu throws a sticky bandage on a target, it stunns him. Precise targets for a match is required. The ability can be used for escape or attack.

W – despair – Removes the lives of enemies in the area. The damage, a percentage of hit points the enemy – that is the damage to a tank is significantly higher than that of a magician. Amumu is used by the players often against tanks.

E – Enrage – Reduces permanent physical damage to Amumu. If he is hit several times, Amumu can also unleash his fury, causing damage to nearby enemies. This is an important capability of Amumu as a tank, which can also be used to disrupt and farms.

R – Pirates of the sad mummy – Amumu wraps nearby enemies with bandages so that they can no longer move or attack, and suffer every second of damage.

Passive – cursed touch – Amumus attacks temporarily reduce the magic resistance of the target. Then Amumus skills can help to destroy targets, so this is an important group of skills. In addition, it is particularly suitable for groups of magicians with high damage per second, when his stunning and paralysis skills are applied in conjunction with their great loss.

There is a place between dimensions, between two worlds. Some call him the outside world, others only the unknown. Most, however, call it the Void. Cho’gath is a creature that was born out of this emptiness, a thing is its true nature is so terrifying that no one even dares to pronounce his name. His companions have searched the dimension limits for a gap to find a way to Runeterra and bring your own dream of terror over the world. You have found a way into it, because something dark is going around Icathia, something that the ritual incantation – that came Cho’gath here. Fortunately, the power of conjuration Cho’gath in the league of legends, has been included where he’s capabilities Off-the-Blank-born commitment to the fate of the world. He knows exactly what he would choose if he had only a minimal chance.

Cho’gath can tear open the earth beneath his feet, provoking an explosion. He can utter a cry that is not of this world and earth creatures, not only physically injured, but it also allows for a while silent. But the worst is probably Cho’gaths ability to not only the lives of geöteten deducted by him enemies, but eat it as a whole, and thus always bigger. There are quite a few who wonder whether this beast’s limit is set.

League of Legends: Clash of Fates is a mission-multiplayer game that combines elements of role-based strategy game with a turbulent battle scene. Gamers will plunge with their personal exorcist to battle and eliminate in multiplayer battle arenas, together with allies from enemy troops. At each round they choose carnage to support a controllable champion. Every victory, every defeat a league shifts the balance of power.


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