Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Spettekaka But Were Afraid to Ask

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There are desserts. And then, there are DESSERTS. Like spettekaka.
Earlier this year, artist Jimmy Wallin and I created a superhero comic called Mäktige Månsson (Mighty Månsson). A fat, middleaged, masked crimefighter who lives in the province Skåne (Scania) in the very south of Sweden. Månsson mainly drinks coffee and eats spettekaka – which he pronounces in his Skåne accent as “spiddekaga”.
So, what the heck is spettekaka/spiddekaga? Well, it’s one strange piece of pastry if you ask me. You can have it for dessert, or with the afternoon coffee. Or not all all, if you don’t like it.
Spettekaka, marked PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) by the European Union, is some kind of pyramid cake baked on a spit. The ingredients in this dry, very dry, cake, are eggs, potato flower, and sugar. The mix is skewerd and then rotated for an eternity in an oven, or – if you’re a hardcore spettekaka lover – over an open fire, which is supposed to give the cake a more smoked taste.
The size of this thing ranges from about a foot and several feet, and they are actually pretty expensive to buy. It’s also hard to cut up in pieces and the best tool to use is some kind of saw.
A friend of mine who’s not from Skåne claimed spettekaka tastes like cod with sugar. In other words: disgusting.
However, when you pass through Skåne, you just HAVE to taste a piece. Or at least have a look at this strange looking thing.



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