Jack the Gold Digger Game review

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The spirit of “Jack the Gold Digger” is trapped in the underground caves and wander through the gold-filled caverns of the underworld. Now he’s back on the search for the legendary golden treasure and we players have to go to him, of course, passion is to be in hand. Again, it goes on the hunt for gold, treasure and riches in Gold Rush – Treasure Hunt “from the series” Just Play “…

Gold Rush – Treasure Hunt

The gameplay of “Gold Rush – Treasure Hunt” is easily explained, since it is essentially a “Jewels” clone. It’s about as many of the same color tiles to dissolve the contiguous with one click. Here are piling up the pieces next to each other ever touched a stone, but the top of the screen can not be long before the “Game Over takes.” So it is always possible, and keep track of them fix the clearing game pieces. There are the numerous power-ups that may come into the course of the game. Starting with buckets of paint for painting on stones, to bombs, stone hoes, and other accessories.

The game begins as easy, but in particular the responsibilities to us by Jack may well have it in themselves. We should at least five times in succession five red stones in a combo clear away (no other moves in between), sometimes you have to reach 10,000 points with one click. Very tricky, but it also pretty entertaining. You can also gain a level only by having three gold nuggets disappear with one click. From the depths of the caves so we must rise to resolve some of tile series.

In addition, the game is made visually quite appealing. In particular, the cut scenes with Jack can be proud of beds and the simple game principle can turn into a nice background story book. Even the background music and sound effects make a good figure, and round out the good overall impression.


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