The A-Z of Making Moning Online Without Spending a Dime

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Okay, I’ve written about making money online before – like this article. About all these money-making schemes – and especially the money-making scams. But let me be perfectly honest here for a moment: I’m extremely interested in this subject (otherwise I wouldn’t write these articles, right?) and I’ve actually tried out a couple of the schemes and systems. Then one day I realized I had enough material to put together a little A-Z of making money online – or a 10 step guide to money-making. And all of these tips and tricks and systems are of course totally free. You just sign up and start using them. And if you use all of my free tips, there’s absolutely no reason at all why you shouldn’t start making money within a couple of days – or maybe even hours!

So – here’s my checklist for budding entrepreneurs:

1. First of all, you need something to promote. It may be a personal homepage, or a blog. If you’re in this for making money, you’re site ought to be an ad for a company or system for which you’re an affiliate. This is what’ll generate money for you.

To find a suitable company, just google “affiliate” and choose something that looks good, serious and may work – in other words: something that people may want to actually pay money for, or sign up for. One of the absolutely best and most respected affiliate programs is CLICKBANK. Through them you can promote hundreds of companies, several of them pay quite a lot if you manage to get your visitors to actually buy the products.  If you can’t find a suitable company, why not just go for THE RICH JERK, since it usually works. Okay, yeah, I know – I’ve absolutely no idea if The Rich Jerk’s money-making scheme works, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with promoting his stuff, right? Or why not promote BUKISA?!

2. Now it’s time to get it out there, to make people see your ad or site. Let’s start with the search engines. Since we’re trying to do all this without spending a dime, let’s go for MYVIRALSURFER. There are several free sites just like this one, but personally I  go for this option. They’re fast and reliable, and it submits your link to 140 (!) search engines. If it’s a blog your posting, also go for BLOGGPING, which sends your link to the major blogportals around the world.

3. Write a short ad copy for your site, just a few sentences or 200 – 300 characters. Go to FREEVIRAL (which truly is the best) and TRAFFIC DIGGER– sign up, and post your ad(s). These free systems have the potential of both generating money for you and drive a million visitors to your site.

4. Go back to MYVIRALSURFER and post your personal referral links to FREEVIRAL and TRAFFIC DIGGER.

5. Sign up with TRAFFIC TORNADO, and after that sign up with ALL of the traffic exchange programs TRAFFIC TORNADO works with! Do I need to tell you that you also should submit your personal referral TRAFFIC TORNADO link to MYVIRALSURFER and to the traffic exchange programs? Now, the problem with traffic exchange systems, is that people don’t really read the sites popping up while surfing to gain traffic – unless it’s an eyecatching ad that promises fortune and success. NOTE: Do NOT post articles from Bukisa and similar sites in an attempt to get views and make money! However, you MAY post your link to invite new members to Bukisa.

6. Post your links to your affiliate ad, to FREEVIRAL and to TRAFFIC DIGGER to ALL of the exchange systems listed at TRAFFIC TORNADO.

7. Open new tabs and surf a couple of the exchange systems.

8. Continue building your downline – meaning, get surfers out there sign up under you and have them drive traffic to you. Sign up with VIRAL URL and ULTIMATE FREE DOWNLINE.

9. Continue and… Well, I’ll stop there. Let’s call this my simple, free, ten step guide to online success. From here, you can go on yourself and try finding great systems of your own!

10. Finally, we have the downside. I can’t guarantee all this really works for you. Maybe you won’t earn a nickel. Or maybe you get bored doing all this and give up. But hey, if you have a couple of hours, why not give it a try?


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