Social Networking The Art Of Selling To Friends?

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People build these social networks for themselve on a daily basis, but I rarely see anyone use them to the potential that they can be used. yes you can keep up with your friends and family but, you can also grow your network to include like minded indeviduals that could possibly be a friend or even a client you have yet to meet. The larger you can grow your network the more people you can reach.

First suggestion from me personally is no matter what services you use, “GET A GMAIL ACCOUNT” from Google, I only push the Gmail because it gives you acces to so many very useful tools (blogs, free web sites, adsense, and the list goes on).
Set up your Gmail account, take advantage of the free sites that Google offers they’re very easy to build, and publish. Go ahead and start a Blogger account too, this is in my opinion the best place to learn the Secrets of Adsense

Step two decide and set up your “social network account/s such as the following list these are my networks feel free to add me to yours if you like.


or any other you choose to use. There are a vast number of sites all with pros and cons to thier use. I would suggst start with FaceBook as they are very user friendly, they have lots of neat applications that help you to find friends. I have a huge network I have grown strictly from playing games online.

I know you’ll say ” Oh I don’t have the time to interact with all these people daily”, but you can. It is just a simple task of choosing the right networks to begin with, and using the tools provided by them. Most of these places want you to grow, they make money every time we show up on their sites


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