The BIGS 2 Baseball – a nice and good game

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Baseball in USA plays a rather important role. Nevertheless, 2K Sports has taken this niche and served with games such as “Major League Baseball 2K9” and “MLB Front Office Manager” for sports simulation enthusiasts and hobbyists managers alike. Now they have come up with ‘The BIGS 2 Baseball “for the Xbox 360 more of the arcade fan,

Will baseball fans be as excited? What does the game do?

The game can be played even by the layman, that is ultimately the big plus point for “The BIGS 2 Baseball,” because in the end it may even appeal to interested players, who themselves have no clue what a “Strike Zone” is or how to hold a racket. It then takes even the intuitive and easy to control, because after a short tutorial is quick to let off steam already in the middle in the game and may continue with the action buttons.

In addition, the AI adapts to your own capabilities as the friend of his own muscled body. If you play even in the circle class, the AI will even make mistakes and can flit more durable balls. The AI will also get the tricks to score points, and sooner or later against you. The game is interspersed by the occasional quick-time events that are taking place to enable you to perform spectacular moves.

The game modes are “season especially,” and called “Become a legend” too. “Season’s” certainly at the heart of the game – this one must attend not only an entire season with around 160 games against other teams, but also must determine the installation, buy players and do whatever else a good manager does if not quite as complex as managers in other simulations. In “Become a Legend” ( “Become a legend”), take the reins just as a single player into the hands of the dispute made its way from the Mexican League Under-Dog-up to Olympus of baseball. Both modes are very entertaining, and provide long-lasting fun. For the short game in between their own, the “pick-up game”, “power” – or “speed” mini-games, while one may disassemble at “Home Run Pinball,” the streets of known cities.

Graphics and Sound

Optical presents “The BIGS 2 Baseball” on upper level and offers a highly detailed graphics, such as dirty jerseys, grinding marks on the field and successful tracking shots.   

English commentators team does their work well, but it takes even a few English language skills to understand everything. The game is simply not localized, so that all content comes along in their original English language. Unfortunately, the audience seems to speak any language, because it does not rejoice or only barely, and brings with it no real atmosphere. The soundtrack has managed to be right, and rounds out the good overall impression.


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