Dolphin Trainer – A nice game

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Man can ask adults and children and will probably always get the same answer: Everyone wants a dolphin go diving and it is only in a special diving pool in the context of a specific therapy, particularly as they are offered across the Atlantic. Unfortunately, such trips are expensive; a dolphin splashing sight is nearly unaffordable. In the series “Just Play” with the “Dolphin Trainer” is an alternative with which you can take dry land, perhaps still a virtual dolphin bathroom.

Dolphin Trainer

The Fish Tail Water Park has his own problems. Actually, the park has always been a meeting place for all fans of dolphins, whether young or old. But now, opened in the vicinity is Hai Show center with a world-famous animal trainer and no one goes into the water park. Quite clear: They need to send a new dolphin trainer. It will surely find a young man or a girl, which teaches the dolphins a few new tricks, right?

After creating a profile in which one must choose his alter ego, a total of four cartoon characters, begins the first tour. In the training pool we can train the animals so often and so long as you want. If one has a trick then, proceed to the demonstration pool where you can perform a paying audience with your masterpieces. There is also a grocery store with food and a toy store with … well, with toys. A good tutorial, however, explain every move at the beginning, so that in fact there be no questions.

Here we show the tricks that are at the scoreboard, so you have the tricks to create in the specified sequence number in a given time. This will also include combinations of the aforementioned basic tricks, but they are quite easy to learn.   

Graphics and Sound

I particularly liked the comic scene, which is engaged with the storyline. The animations are worth watching and entertaining. The story is very sweet and further developed and there is always something to smirk. Also, the in-game graphics are tidy, even if they do not come up to the level of comic books. Nevertheless, the pool areas are nicely staged, and the animations of animals and trainers are also worth seeing.

The sound effects fit the game quite well, even though a few more viewers’ reactions to the game would be good to see. The bottom line is still a decent result.


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