The Playboy Centerfold Curse

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Over 35 women have died since they appeared in Playboy Magazine.  Of course some of them died due to the ordinary circumstances of life, but there are some who’s deaths seem undeniably eerie and untimely when you compare the similarities.  There are those who are convinced that there is a curse associated with these beautiful women.  Here are their stories, I will let you decide whether their deaths were simply a result of their lifestyles, or whether there is indeed a curse.


Dorothy Stratten’s murder was by far the most shocking due to the nature of the crime.  Just as her film career began and right after the completion of her cult classic movie Galaxina, she was brutally murdered by her estranged husband Paul Snider, who then killed himself.  She was only 20 years old.


Marilyn Monroe became a great Hollywood star after appearing on the front cover of the first issue of Playboy Magazine in December of 1953.  Although she was one of the greatest stars of all time, she led a troubled life full of misfortune and disappointment.  All her troubles came to a head in the early morning hours of August 5, 1962.  The official cause of death is self inflicted prescription overdose at the age of 36, however there will always be a controversy regarding that and her death will always be a mystery.  Some believe there was a murder conspiracy because of her association with mobsters and her affair with President John Kennedy and his brother Robert.


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Tiffany Marie Sloan was the appeared in the centerfold in the October, 1972.  She died from a drug overdose in Las Vegas, Nevada at the age of 35.  Sources disclosed that she had ongoing drug and alcohol problems and had recently been hospitalized.

Sue Williams was an actresses whose credits included five motion pictures and appeared in the centerfold of the April, 1965 issue of Playboy Magazine.  She committed suicide four years later on September 2, 1969 on her 24th birthday.


Jayne Mansfield became a famous Hollywood movie star and first appeared in the centerfold for the February 1955 issue of Playboy Magazine.  She appeared in the magazine several times after that.  On June 29th, 1967, Jayne Mansfield was killed instantly at the age of 34 when her car rear ended a tractor trailer on a country road on her way from New Orleans for an early morning television interview.  Witnesses agree that the crash was horrendous and shirred off the top of the car.  Many believe she was decapitated, however, she was not.  The reason for that belief is because of her blonde wig that was thrown onto the dashboard.  What is really outstanding about her death is that it came shortly after her decision to sever her ties with a questionable cult of worshipers.  The leader of the cult, upon learning of her decision, told her to stay away from her boyfriend Sam Brody who died with her.  According to cult leader’s grandson, he had placed on her boyfriend.  He later happened to cut out an article from a newspaper on the day of her death.  When he turned the clipping over, he discovered he had accidentally cut off the head of Jayne’s picture that had been printed on the other side of the page.

Other Playmates that died in car crashes were:

  • Claudia Jennings – Playboy’s Playmate of the Year for 1970 died in a car crash in Malibu, California on October 3, 1979 at the age of 29.
  • Carol Willis – She appeared in the July 1970 issue and was killed in a car crash just a year and a half later on November 24, 1971.
  • Tonya Crews – Tonya appeared as the playmate of the month in the March, 1961 issue of Playboy.  She died in a car crash in Oklahoma on August 7, 1966 at the age of 38.

Marilyn Monroe was not the only centerfold to die of drug overdoses.  Tragically, there were others that suffered the same fate as Marilyn.

Willy Rey was the playmate of the month in the February, 1971 issue of Playboy.  She was found dead  a drug overdose of sleeping pills on August 13, 1973.  She was just a few day shy of her 24th birthday.

Paige Young appeared in the November, 1968 issue of Playboy.  She died from an overdose of sleeping pills on April 7, 1974 at the age of 30.

Eve Meyer , who appeared in the June 1955 issue of Playboy died tragically in a plane crash.  What is uncanny is that the plane crash occurred on the ground between two commercial airliners at an airport in Spain.  She died on March 27, 1977 at the age of 48.


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