Tales of Vesperia – a beautiful game

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In the beginning, you run around in Zaphias, looking for the thief. It reached her in the upper town, the district inhabited by the nobility. There, Yuri breaks into the house of murder, whom he accused of thievery. But unfortunately Yuri’s plan does not go on, and he ends up in the imperial prison. During his escape, he meets the princess Estellise, or Estelle, Yuri, as she later called, since he apparently has a problem remembering names.

Tales of Vesperia has gripping story, there are a few twists and surprises which continues in the game.

Traveling with Yuri, Estelle, and the faithful dog Repede through the world of Terca Lumeiris, where you meet people and also to a variety of monsters. The monsters want to make life on your journeys difficult.   

Gradually, more and more characters join your group, but no matter how many people in your group, the monsters are simultaneously fighting a maximum of 4 members of your group. The battles become very diverse, as well as the varying number of opponents. It is also possible that more monsters come together as an alliance and attack you simultaneously. This happens very rarely, because then there must be more monsters in your vicinity.

Even if the fights sometimes seem very difficult, because of superior force of opponents, but you can survive quite well if you have a character in group who can heal the others, in the case of Tales of Vesperia, this is Estelle which is already followed at the beginning of your group. Only when all members of your group are dead, the game is over and you have to start at the last saved point.

The combat system in Tales of Vesperia “is in real time, ie both you and your enemies operate simultaneously, resulting in a very rapid and dynamic combat. You can also allow any members of your group to define their own strategy for fighting.

Technical side of “Tales of Vesperia”

The graphics of “Tales of Vesperia” is impressive in any case. The characters were drawn by the famous manga artist Kosuke Fujishima and are in finest detail. The environment is very rich in detail, which contributes to a very harmonious atmosphere. The music and sound effects in game are very well done.

Through the plot, will result in some dialogues between the group members, which you can listen to during the game by pressing a key. For special events and cutscenes are used, are set beautifully in the scene and embed itself in the consistent game. Even the intro is impressive in any case.

For control I can not really say much, except that it is very intuitive and easy to go after a few minutes, even for casual gamers.


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