superstars V8 Racing – from Milestone Review

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Milestone saw the classic rally with Screamer series or SCAR – Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo for a long time for the racing action at its very finest. Now the next attempt with “Racing V8 Superstars” is launched. Whether Milestone will finally may lead to the fast lane or whether this is another mediocre racing game you learn in this review.

Jammed accelerator

“superstars V8 Racing” will give the user a simulation with the full charm of the V8 championship. Once in the menu, we are asked if we have a console game, or a PC game.   But even before you arrive in the main menu for the first time, the long load times are noticeable.

The menu itself is very well decorated and also very clear. To select 10 tokens, which are indeed true to the original stand, but 10 tracks are simply far too little. In addition, we have a choice of all race cars in the V8 Championship, which are faithfully reproduced. However, it is striking that the obsession to detail was missing.

Now let us take the first practice rounds against AI opponents. Select one from four difficulty levels. Before we go on the track, we still look at the setup of the car. You can choose between predefined setups which provides the team or you simply set yourself up and build up own setup, which can be saved. How good is the setup, depends on the values of the teams. Each team has different values. There are, for example, teams that make you a better set up available. Other teams also have a car, which is not as susceptible to damage. A replay after the race has a nice design, but unfortunately there is no way to save the replay.

The wet track looks great, but the changed driving physics on a wet track are hardly noticeable. This too is another point which does not speak for a race simulation. Due to our lack of racing experience, we often collide with other vehicles. It is indeed a system of penalties contained in the game, but this is completely inconsistent, and so many races degenerate into a true crash derby.

Now that we have our first race experience we may want to drive like a race under real conditions with a nice endurance race with pit stops and the corresponding refueling and tire changes. But unfortunately, we are looking for both in vain.

Graphics and sound   

the graphics are more than just neat. If you have a fairly modern PC, the supplied picture material, although not necessarily contemporary, for a racing game, is more than sufficient

The sound effects are well done – you could even say that the sound effects are still the best in the game.


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