Review of Boxsimulation from Electronic Arts

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Eagerly anticipated sequel Boxsimulation by Electronic arts has finally arrived- with ‘Fight Night Round 4 “.  

The game has a total of 45 boxers to choose from and all have one thing in common: They are spectacular realistically staged. Muhammad Ali prances around the ring as in his best days, the rather cumbersome Tyson dominated the ring with sheer force and their fighting spirit can be distinguished clearly from each other. This is a very good game from electronic arts.

You start as usual as inexperienced and nobody slowly by and by struggling to the top in the game. Anyone who wants to can call on an existing boxers (and still start in the lowlands of boxing) or create your own boxer. Yet one can not only specify header and body shape, but just about anything on each screw. Tyson’s body with a set of head shapes combine to provide the socks with three instead of two strips and the entrance music from the EA tracks contained on the silver disc, select a few bonus tracks and you are raring to go.

A small tutorial at the beginning of the game has already shown us the opportunities we have with regard to the control. While moving his boxers with the left analog stick, it shares with the right shots. The shoulder buttons are used to the block or the backs, the action keys are more or less rule-compliant   

Now we live boxing, 24 × 7 From small, lousy training halls to fight your way up slowly into luxurious center, from backyard arenas in bulging warehouses full of fans. “Good boxers are not born – they are made!” Under this premise, you have to train and participate initially in a small amateur tournament. Good training, the opponents are better sandbags, but that is to start with matter. Your time has come.

Graphics and Sound

each weld bead on the bodies of the boxers is perfectly staged, the audience stands in successful hits from their chairs and even the wrinkles on the shorts of the athletes seem to fall realistically. Training Center, arenas and boxers look very authentic and perfectly staged. And, everything happens at moderate loading times!   

The soundtrack, however, is rather a matter of taste, because it dominated the hip-hop.   Although the tracks are carefully chosen, unfortunately it does not fit all. The speaker   make their case, as already mentioned very well, the sound effects are completely successful.


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