If he is unfaithful….Part 4

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When a man doesn’t know his wife is aware of his
affair, he often adopts the guise of “Great Me.”

Great Me is so irresistible to women that they
can’t get enough of him. He has a doting wife
and a slave of a mistress.

He is so bright, so smooth, his wife has no idea
what he’s up to, and so he is extra nice to the
poor thing.

He’ll buy her gifts, he might even try for the
‘double play’, that is after screwing the Other
Woman, wants to have sex with her.

This is the only point where the wife needs to make
an ‘adjustment’. He must not ever have sex with
her without a condom.

Firstly, there’s disease, because if the OW will have
sex with him…whom and what else has she had sex with?

Secondly, if there is the possibility of pregnancy you
don’t want to take.

Many women have been trapped in a dead marriage by a baby.

This is the biggest mistake you can make…
never think having a baby will bring you two ‘back together’.

It won’t.

Depending where it comes in his affair he might want you to
have an abortion, might develop a hatred for you, or might
play the happy daddy, but this doesn’t mean he will break
up with his gal, or if he does, that he won’t find another
one, when you, busy with the baby, ‘have no time for him.’

Bringing a child into a confused marital situation is cruel.
Do not do it.

If you can avoid having sex with your straying spouse, it is
the best choice.

Many men will, fortunately, be too tired to pester you, this
is a plus.

Do not in any way notice this. Try to be in bed, ‘asleep’,
when he comes in, or try to emulate sickness, if you can.

There are many wives who have known no other man but their
husband who have gotten STDs, including AIDs from him.

As soon as you think he is being unfaithful, do not consider
how to ‘get him back’, consider how to protect yourself.


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