is it harder to hold on or let go?

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I’ve heard it said that the hardest thing to do in life is to let go. I do not agree at all. I think that the hardest thing to do is to hold on.

Holding on to friendships, loves, kids, faith, and basically everything in life.

As we go to school (elementary) with someone and be friends with them for the whole five years, but when we get to middle school it could be different. A different school a different style, or just different interest. By the time we get to high school we may have gone to a totally different school or maybe you have just drifted apart. By the end of high school most everyone goes their separate ways. We go to college, we have kids, we get married, join the service, or just move away. We seem to just run out of time to hold on, and find that we have just let go.

When we have kids we spend our whole life holding onto them, but we know we have to let go.  We have to let them learn to walk and talk, to ride a bike, to go to school, their first date, the prom, moving away, going to college, getting married and having their own family. Again it is easier to let go of them then to hold on.

Our loves. Well if we could hold on to them that word would not be plural. We wouldn’t have heartbreaks and we wouldn’t cry. See in my theory letting go is inevitable, like death. We have to let go to learn and to grow. It is holding on that is a bitch. Holding on to childhood, so that we won’t forget innocence, holding on to past loves so that we remember the pain and with any luck don’t make the same mistakes, holding on to each other so you don’t drift apart. sometimes we are trying so hard to hold on that we don’t realize that the thing or person that we are trying to hold on to is already gone.

It is easy to let go, time allows that . But holding on, now that takes effort. That is a struggle that requires patience, understanding, and trust. All of which is hard to come by, keep, and last forever.

I guess the hardest part is realizing you actually quit holding on and just let go.


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