How to Make a Curtain for Your Bathroom Sink

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Making your own sink skirt is a cost effective way to add storage space to your bathroom.

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    Measure your sink. Measure how wide your sink is and double that number. For example if your sink is 22 inches wide, you will need to buy 44 inches of fabric, or 1 ½ yards of fabric to make it easier and fuller.
    Measure the height of your sink from the area where you want your skirt to be all the way to the floor. Chances are your sink will be about 32-36 in height. Most fabrics come 45 inches wide and this will give you plenty of height if you turn your fabric sideways and now the height of your curtain is from salvage to salvage.

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    Hem all four sides of your fabric. Make a 1 inch hem on all four sides. This is done quicker with a sewing machine but if you choose to hem by hand make short even stitches.

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    Gather your sink skirt. This may take a little patience. Sew two long stitch lines 1 inch apart and 1 inch down from the top of your skirt. Once you have completed the two lines of stitches you will pull both lines of stitches at the same time gathering up the fabric as to make the skirt skinnier. You will continue to gather the fabric in this way until it is the width of your sink from end to end. Work your sink skirt buy adjusting the gathering as you continue to pull on the two strings. Pin at both ends to stop the gathered fabric from moving.

  4. velcro_Thumb.jpg

    Cut two pieces of Velcro the width and depth of your sink. Take the sticky side and glue in place on your sink where you want your skirt to be and the other side stitch to the backside of your fabric about an inch down from the top of your sink skirt. Pin in place before sewing to stop the Velcro from shifting.

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    Press your sink skirt to your Velcro strip on your sink starting at one end and sticking it in place all the way around to the other end of your sink. Well Done!


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