How to Add More Storage Space to Your Bathroom

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  1. Add a few storage boxes in the bathroom to put extra wash cloths or soap and toothpaste. You can make them yourself buy purchasing pretreated lumber from Lowes or you can purchase them from Bed Bath & Beyond or similar places.

  2. Add shelves to the blank wall space. Don’t miss the opportunity to add storage space to the wall space in your bathroom. I have a blank wall directly in front of the toilet and shelves gives me a great opportunity to add flowers and a place for more bathroom stuff. You can purchase shelves at Lowes or Home Depot already pre-cut.

  3. Add Baskets and trays. If you have a ledge around your sink use decorative trays and baskets to store items. By coordinating the trays with your color scheme you can add to the bathroom decor as well.

  4. Install hanging storage to any wall in your bathroom. These are mostly found in the kitchen but can be used for storage in the bathroom too for those items you need everyday like toothbrush and toothpaste.

  5. Make a storage space under your sink. If you have a sink that doesn’t come with a storage cabinet than why not make your own hidden space. A little Velcro and fabric will make a cute curtain storage area for the sink.


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