which path will you chose

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My whole life I have heard things like don’t take the easy way or take the path less traveled. As someone who wants to become a writer, and someone who is very opinionated I have thought about this for a long time.

There are two paths in life, we call them choices, or the right and wrong. Well first off to me there is right and not so right because you can always fix something that is wrong to make it right. I have always told my own children that anything worth anything is not easy.

If you could imagine standing at a fork in the road. Looking one way you see a path warn, maybe some trash along the way, dirt instead of grass where you should walk, and you see people along the path some are crying some are laughing. Now you look the other way. The grass is tall, you can see the grass sway in the wind. You do not see any trash or people that way. You do not hear the laughter or crying of anyone. you stop and think about it. If you go down the path that everyone has chosen you will be greeted along the way with other people who will give you advise, who will laugh with you, cry with you, who may stab you in the back or who will point you in a direction that will benefit them in some way. You will have a fairly easy path to walk cause so many have traveled this way, and maybe along the way you can clean up some of the trash along the sides of the path. Now if you chose to go the other way there will be work you will have to make your way through the overgrown grass and shrubs, and you will have to do it alone. There is no noise so you will be alone to battle your thoughts. Looking at it that way it seems like it would be a choice made on emotion alone. Do you feel like being with others or alone. What you do not understand is at the end of the path. If you acquire something taken the path that is traveled will you appreciate it enough? Maybe both paths lead to the same place but will you appreciate the beauty at the end of it if you have not worked for it,

This goes for every part of life. I would much rather work for what I want instead of it handed to me. Taking the easy way is cowardly. You can not possible experience life doing things the easy way. Take a chance, get hurt, but don’t give up. You have to live life to survive.

I always seem to do things the hard way, or so my family has told me. But i learn and I appreciate what I have. I have always wondered what I would do if I won the lottery. Easy money right? I will admit it would solve a lot of problems, but to tell you the truth I would not change much. I would buy a home that will fit my family comfortably. I would pay off my bills up to date. I would help out my family but not enable them. I would not buy things that I didn’t need, I would still shop in the same stores, and I would put money aside for my children. I do not have much but what I have I worked for, I earned it, and that is what makes it worth something.

So which choice will you make? Follow everyone else cause you know that it is easier and won’t require so much work to get to where you are going, or will you take the chance that you might get hurt or it might take longer, and see the beauty the world has along the way and appreciate what you have in the end.  


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