What do you want to remember?

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What happened to the good old days when it just did not matter. I do not find any joy or pleasure in waking up every morning, getting a shower, doing my hair and make-up and then finding myself dressing in clothes that do not make me comfortable. Then of course being very careful where I walk as to not get my shoes dirty. This is barbaric to me. Why should I put on a fake face and be uncomfortable just to impress other people. I am who I am. I do not care if my shoes are dirty, because my feet are clean. I do not wear make up all the time because I am beautiful without it, and I will dress up if the occasion calls for it, otherwise I wear something that makes me comfortable because that is who I am. You can judge me by it or you can say she is real and I would like to know her as a person.

The same concept goes for love. Why put on a fake front when everyone of us knows when you get into a relationship sooner or later it isn’t about impressing the other person because they are already yours. So the real you comes out. You get up get a shower, pull your hair back, throw on whatever you grab and go about your day. All of my relationships have been long term and you know something I did not need to impress any of them with my looks or how I dressed. I was just me.

Now that i have covered friendship and love lets move on to the other things that seem to have taken on such an importance in today’s world. Materialistic objects. I suppose it started a long time ago but why continue with you are what you have. No I am not. I am what I am that can never be replaced. The objects that I posses can all be replaced. I am a single mom with seven children. My kids do not want for things and they have what they need plus more. I use to feel bad cause I could not afford designed clothes or $100 shoes for my kids but they are great kids. They are more thankful that we spend family time together. We play board games and hide and seek, even my eight-teen and seventeen year old play. We bake together because the homemade stuff is better than the store bought goodies. We turn up the music and dance, even though none of us can really dance. We hide around the corner and scare each other because in the end it is funny. We watch movies on t.v together because it is funner than going to the movie theater. We go fishing and roast marshmallow’s in the back yard. The cars that we owned were never new and never looked good, but it didn’t matter because it got us where we needed to go and back home. My children may not have the designer clothes and we might not have the best home or the newest of things, but what we do have is a home that when anyone comes into it can feel the warmth and love that is here. We have the memories that will last beyond a lifetime.

How many parents can say that they have those things with their children today? Can you tell me what your son or daughter did today, or are you one of the parents that are so wrapped up in your career that you don’t have the time to get to know your kids? They might have the designer clothes and shoes, they might have all the video games, computers and plasma televisions, and you might have the sweetest car to get them places, but when they grow up what memories will they have? Do people walk into your home and everything is spotless and nice? do people say I really like your house, or do they walk into a home that is lived in and is filled with so much love and laughter that they don’t want to leave and they say I love your home?

I have heard it said that I just want my kids to have what I didn’t have. What is wrong with what you had? I want my children to have what I had. The memories of making homemade bread with my mom, making my brother a birthday cake from scratch and getting cake mix everywhere cause i didn’t turn the mixer off before removing it from the batter, or sneaking into my moms with my brother and sister and decorating her home for Christmas while she was out. I can not tell you what I got each year for Christmas or birthdays, but I can tell you about the cake battles we had and the snowball fights. I can’t tell you what car I was driven around in but it was fun taking the markers and signing our names and drawing pictures on that flinstone car I drove around proudly. I don’t remember the movies I saw at the movie theater but I remember watching a Freddie movie with my brother and our neighbor scaring the hell out of us. I cannot tell you the high score of the video games I stayed up playing with my brother but I remember being woken up with my mom squirting us with a water bottle. I can’t remember how much my parents paid for our shoes but I remember how dirty and wet they got while we all danced in the rain.

The material things do not matter. They will get old or outdated and thrown away, cars will break down and rust, and the house you live in will just be a house no matter what is in it or how luxerous it is until you take time out to make it a home. So before it is to late make great memories. Don’t worry about how much you spend worry about how it can turn into something that can not be taken away. A lifetime of smiles and happiness, because before you know it time runs out on you. What do you want to remember?


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