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all right first off you will need a knife, dirt, pen,591ml pop bottle shoe box or bucket i would suggest a shoebox because its easyer. All right for your first step take you dirt,soil and put it into the box  and fill it almost to the top. Now its time to make the bowl area take your pop bottle and use the neck part to make you bowl on oneside of the box abot a inch away from the wall of the shoebox. now its time for the tunnel take you marker or pen and make a tunnle from the top of the dirt into about the bottom of your bowl and the tunnel should be about a 45 degreee angle. and now take you pop bottle and useing the knife cut the bottle in half you will use the half with the neck for your mouth it at the top of your tunnel and pack some dirt arround it to make sure its sucuree and has good suckshin power. now make shure your tunnel is sucure you can eather leave it jsut a dirt tunnel or you could use a straw to make shure is dosent cave in while in use.and now time for you filter or you screen eather you can use a normal screen or you can go all natural and use some rocks if useing the rocks fill it up past the tunnle and close to the top and depending on how mutch weed you want to put in ur bowl then u can adjust it to you likeness or if youd like to use a screen then simply jsut place it into your bowl but if you use rocks dont forget to clean them. now your earth bong should be compleat. HAVE FUN TOKEN UP xD :))


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