How to spot fake friends

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1.  One of the signs to spot a fake friend sis  discovered by how much they call and see about you. One who never calls and sees about that you, but you are always the person who calls and sees about him or her! This is a sign that person doesn’t care about you! This reason justifes that he or she have themselves and other things on their minds! Too, this acutally drains the person who is always doing the calling and seeing about him or her, but not putting effort on their part. This is a sign that a person is not true friend at all.

2 The next sign is that  fake friends are  also discovered by lack of trust! This means that they will always go tell your bussiness to other people, but they don’t want other people telling their bussiness. In contrast, it is very easy spot this type of person. Tell only one person certain information that is going to get their attention, but it doesn’t have to be something very deep about yourself! It’s your decision to tell that person not to tell anybody! This one is a true test to determine if that person is a true or fake friend. If that person go tell your business  to gossip to other other  people just after you told him or her not to tell, and then people come back to you and say ” I heard this about you! Is it true or not?” This shows that they cannot be trusted with more things about yourself. In my opinion, we are supposed to forgive them, but not give them another chance to enter your inner-circle again.! This means that they deep things about yourself, things that you wouldn’t tell other people, things that were in the family in which one wouldn’t tell any person, talents, and dreams! 

  Note: The reason that I said ” tell only one person  certain infromation is because you will know who told the information about you! If one tells two people, then one  won’t know the person who told the information.

3. Fake friends are people who never keep their word at all, which means that they always leave a person in the dark, and not caring what they have done to another person. They never call to tell you why did it happen! This is another sign that  they cannot be trusted at all. They always get mad when someone else don’t keep their word towards them.

4. Just as for number two,  a fake friend is a person who always someone who always find something to gossip to other people about! They don’t want to have a personal relationship with you, but they always  want a person to tell information so that they can have something to gossip about!They want to whole world to know about your bussiness!

5. The last two that I am going to talk about in number five is that  watch out for people who never make an effort to be their for you at your lowest point, and when you need them! These are people who will leave you high and dry when you are at your lowest point, or nobody to talk to at all.  Fake friends don’t want to be a true blessing,but they are always selfish and into themselves! They are fake friends! 


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