Two more Bukisa writers who work you should read.

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This is my third in my series of Bukisa writers for the day. Today I have selected two writers who styles are quite different but who are both quality writers and deserve a little recognition.

My first writer for the day goes by the profile name of Pattie. She is completely new to the site and has only published two articles. One a very gripping salute to the servicemen who were sent to war following 9-11 and one on the cut backs in school budgets and how they affected her family.

Both articles are extremely well written and passionate. They pull the reader in and make you care about the situations she describes. Since she is new I not only urge you to read her articles, but also to take a moment to bid her welcome to this site.

You can find Pattie’s article here:

My second writer of the day is CaSundara, CaSundara writes for both Bukisa and Triond and I have viewed her work on both sites.

Her writing is informative and written in extremely clear language that is easy to read and understand.

Interestingly enough Ca Sundara says she is writing in an effort to improve her English. If that is her sole reason for writing she can stop any time as she writes extrememly well. However, I personally hope she continues writing for a long time as I enjoy reading most of her work.

You can view more of CaSundara’s work here:

Please if any of you know of any writer whose work you think deserves recognition please write about them or give me a heads up and I will certainly take the time to read their work.

In the meantime happy reading and writing.


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