Lowering the Stress

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It begins with learning how to channel your energies and anybody who says one has to reduce multitasking has not grasped the solution. Stress is not caused by doing more than one thing at a time, it is caused by our attitude towards that and the negative emotions that go with any work like nervous anticipation, disappointment, regret and so on.Health specialists have correlated being in the present moment and being less stressed as opposed to being in a fast forward mode, always fighting for what is next.

Having to do yoga lessons is also not necessarily needed, a lot of what is out there only serves to line the pockets of advocated bent on convincing you to take a certain posture and breathe a certain way. This is not meant to debunk the relaxation techniques involved in reducing stress and tension, and there is a belief that yoga can help to treat certain diseases. I just wanted to separate those exercises from following a particular brand of yoga as each one is likely to try convincing you that it is better than the other. You have the right to choose whatever exercise is best for you and that may include other exercises and a proper diet to go with it.

There is time to think about positive thoughts you can put in your mind to ward off an impending negative array of feelings and emotions. It may be difficult to do but if the person insists that he will feel positively because he deserves better, then he will be less likely to be bothered by an unwanted guest or the loss of a job. Besides this if the person already knows where his emotion has gone regarding an already experienced event he is better able to turn the negative switch off and think positively, ideally for the rest of the day.

Certain stimulants should be thrown down the drain if you want to start feeling in the present moment and not worry about the future. Being calmer because you have eliminated thecaffeine can reduce many of the physiological hazards that go along with increased anxiety, like sweaty palms, increased breathing rate  and tachycardia. Your body was not meant to depend on caffeine or any other similar stimulant for its normal functioning or being at peace with its surroundings.


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