How to have fun with a one dollar grab bag at Christmas

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  1. 1 christmas2_Thumb.jpg

    Make certain everyone invited knows about the one dollar grab bag.

    Have a few extra one dollar grab bag gifts in the event extra people show up. Or someone forgets to bring a grab bag gift. This is not the time to leave people out. Besides the more people, the funnier it will be.

  2. Step 2 christmas9_Thumb.jpg

    All your guests have eaten and everyone is gathered around the Christmas tree and they are ready to play one dollar grab bag.

  3. Step 3 christmas4_Thumb.jpg

    Count how many people you have and cut up paper in small sizes with the number on it. For instance if there is 20 people them you will have 20 pieces of paper with the numbers 1 through 20 printed on them.

    Fold each paper up and place in bag or cup, whatever you have on hand.

  4. Step 4 christmas8_Thumb.jpg

    Let everyone pick a number.

    The higher the number the better.

  5. Step 5 christmas9_Thumb.jpg

    All the grab bag gifts should be wrapped.

    Place all the grab bag gifts in a big pile.

  6. Step 6 christmas10_Thumb.jpg

    The person with the number one goes first.

    They pick out a grab bag gift and open it for everyone to see.

  7. Step 7 christmas5_Thumb.jpg

    The person with the number two goes next.

    They pick a gift from the pile and open it for all to see. Now they can either keep what they have or exchange the gift from the first person who opened the grab bag.

  8. Step 8 christmas7_Thumb.jpg

    The person with the number three does the same as the number two player, but they have two different gifts to choose from.

    This continues all the way to the last person.

    The person who gets the gag gift can still pick another grab bag gift.

  9. Step 9 christmas3_Thumb.jpg

    Having the highest number allows you to pick and choose the best grab bag gift, from all the others that had lower numbers.

  10. Step 10 christmas6_Thumb.jpg

    In conclusion, sometimes one of us may put a $10.00 bill or higher wrapped up for someone to choose. Once people know who has this there is constant exchanging.

    This creates a lot of excitement and the money gets exchanged many times.


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