Indicators of a fight starter

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Today we are going to talk about some indicators that lead to a fight but most people do not see it coming. The next time you are out, make sure to pay attention to these signals; this mightsave your life, prevent women from being raped, etc.

First, never let a stranger come close to you. It all starts with them talking nicely while moving in closer and closer. While they’re being nice, in return people tend to be nice to them as well and let their own guard down allowing them to come inside the combat zone. Always keep moving backwards or tell them not to come any closer to you in your personal space. This might offend them but keeping a safe distance is your goal.

Second, pay attention to their body language carefully. Right before someone does an assault, usually they will constantly look around them while talking to you to see if any witnesses, police are around. See if they are constantly clenching their fists, moving around to get ready for an assault. Pay close attention to body weight shift. Since they are not trained in Jeet Kune Do, they do not know anything about economy of the motion in hand to hand combat that Bruce Lee always talked about. More on that subject next time.

Thirdindicator of a fight, pay attention to their facial expressions. Face can give out anyones intentions right before they do something. It’s very hard to develop a poker face.

Remember, paying a close attention to your surroundings and or people will increase your chance of survival, prevent you from getting into a fight in a first place and so on. Be smart about your own actions.


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