Where To Find Coupons & How To Use Coupons To Save Money On Grocery Bill

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Two quarter coupons won’t make a dent in your family’s grocery bill, but if you have several coupons for 25, 35 and 50 cents off a product, and those coupons are doubled or tripled, well now you’re talking saving money on your grocery bill.

But where do you find cents off grocery coupons? The one source for garnering coupons that most people use is the Sunday paper. The Sunday paper always has an insert devoted to manufacturer’s cents off coupons. Clip all the coupons and start swapping the coupons you don’t use with friends, neighbors and co-workers. Join an online coupon swap group and increase your money savings even more.

Magazines and grocery store circulars usually have coupons in them as well. Get your kids involved in clipping the coupons and matching up coupons will store sale prices to save yourself time and money.

Manufacturer’s often have printable coupons on their websites. If you have children old enough to use the computer, elicit their help in locating online coupons.

Join the ‘rewards’ type programs that many chain drug stores are offering in which your purchases earn reward money that can be cashed in for products at that drug store.

Always look at store sale papers to see the grocery items that are on sale and match your coupons to those sale items for an even bigger savings. Look for double and triple coupon days at your local grocery stores and stock up on items you have coupons for. Apply your coupons to the smallest size item when the larger size is not on sale.

It’s possible to slash your grocery bill by 20% with very little effort by using coupons. The more effort you put into it to garner more coupons, the more money you save on your grocery bill. Dedicated ‘couponers’ can save 80% or even more on their grocery bill.


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