How to Tell If Your Man is Cheating Part 1

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If you think that your man is cheating and you are not quite sure. I have some signals or red flags to look out for.

Your man would leave the house and not give to much detail to appearance. All of a sudden you start to notice that he is taking the time to groom a little more.

His wardrobe selection has changed from humdrum to noticeable pieces. You may think at first that this change is for you so you let it go.

 He may even change tastes in music, food or attitude. He has starting doing or saying things that he’s never done or said before.

If you notice that he spends more time in the mirror more than you and he hasn’t before, he maybe cheating.

He finds every excuse to leave the house. Most of the time he comes in late.

 Whenever the phone rings he tries to answer it before you.

A cheating man has more than one cellphone. He usually keeps the cheating phone hidden in the car and allows you access to his other phone.

Red flag alert: If he works on a job that causes for a lot of perspiration and he comes home smelling fresh. He probably was not at work.

Red flag alert: When he doesn’t have money like he used to, he has spent it elsewhere.

Red flag alert: He accuses you of cheating. This makes him flip sides and takes the pressure of him and points to you. He wants to make you feel guilty for accusing him.

More Information to come

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