How to tell if someone is lying to you

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Everyone lies from time to time, may it be a big fat lie or just a small white lie. Even so, nothing good can come from repeatedly lying to someone. If you know anyone that is pretty sketchy and just have that feeling that they aren’t being exactly 100% percent truthful to you, here’s some things to consider.

You have to examine how their gestures and movements are. If they are a bit stiff and rigid, this could either be a dead giveaway, or they’re just a bit nervous and are telling the truth. If they’re moving their hands, arms, legs to their own body then that could be a good sign that they’re not truthful. Another key thing to notice is their gestures, such as scratching behind their ear, their nose, their arms, etc. They could also be touching around their mouth and their throat. Much research shows that a person lying will almost never touch their chest.

The coordination to their motions can also be a little off. Their display of hand movements might last a little longer than someone who isn’t lying. A very good example of this is someone getting a gifting for an occasion and they respond “it’s beautiful, I love it,” and smile afterward; then it could be a lie. If they smiling while saying, it’s the only way to tell it’s truly authentic.

Expressions are very limited as well. Let’s say someone is faking a smile or a frown, their muscle movements are not all used. A fake smile would just show the mouth curving up, a real one could include the wrinkles of the brow, the cheeks moving up slightly, etc. showing that they’re using their full muscle movements without control. Controlled expressions are the faux ones.

This is an iffy subject on lying, the saying goes if someone is not telling the truth, they speak more on the matter. But it’s also clear that this can happen when someone is flabbergasted or shocked that someone could think that they did such a thing so there’s 50/50 chance. A good way to deplore this is if you ask a simple question, let’s say, “Did you turn off that light?” and they respond, “No, I have not turned that light off.” They are saying more than necessary trying to take it strictly over a easy query. Its a great way to detect a white liar.

A few other interesting things to take note is that a liar who is reading while question, might put their book down in front of you and themselves, like a subconscious barrier. They may turn their face and/or body away from you to talk, as if they know what they did and don’t wish to tell it all. There’s also the way their speech pattern changes. A liar may get defensive, while an innocent person will be offensive. There’s so many ways to snuff out a liar, that’s what makes us humans easy to identify with each other and how we communicate.


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