Beat work fatigue and go faster, stronger and further

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Do you find more difficult to get the energy for a day’s work? Does that work fatigue make you feel like you are up against a brick wall? Instead of letting your everyday slump destroy your livelihood, start making positive changes to your lifestyle to boost your energy levels.

Start with getting solid seven or eight’s hours’ sleep each day to give your body a chance to repair itself and to prime yourself for optimum performance. With a well-rested body comes the ability to take on more demanding workloads with greater ease. What is more, just getting proper rest also means you will be less likely to fall asleep at your desk or groggily type out reports at four in the afternoon.

Next, it is important to put some effort into increasing the size of your energy tank by firing up your metabolism. Generally speaking, the most variable of metabolic usage lies in physical activity which can account for up to 30 percent in an average man; simply keep  to a 3 day a week workout of about half an hour each time to ignite your fat-burning furnace and replace it with hard-at-work muscle. Having muscles instead of a tubby midsection also means your tasks will become much easier, with an increased energy capacity to cope with the more demanding jobs.

Realistically, with work and family obligations, we are lucky to squeeze in three hard workouts a week. When you are really, really squeezed for time, burn off negative energy with a 30-second sprint. British researchers found this can reduce tensions, anger and confusion for 75 minutes. Besides giving you psychological benefits, it is also a great way to lift your sprints again.

Your body performs better with the intake of minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and chromium, which have biochemical functions with the potential to affect physical for performance. B-vitamins are also essential, as they are required for the synthesis of new cells and repair of damaged cells. Also, B5 helps with the regeneration of skin and hair and healing of wounds, all vital to a healthy functioning body. B9 (folic acid) on the other hand, enables the synthesis of DNA and neurotransmitters thereby allowing peak processes mentally and physiologically.

It may not be easy to ensure we have got the whole range of B-vitamins and minerals from our daily diet, so try a supplement which contains a high dose of vitamin B, C, calcium, magnesium and zinc to maintain your health in athletic condition and to ensure your energy is always ready for your mental and physical activities.


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