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Being an internet buff I came upon a few websites that sure helps in making an extra earning while at home. Trust me it not fake and a little zeal and effort from your side and it works. Being successful I thought of sharing these ideas with you to benefit you. I have listed a few websites and their benefits.

Triond (

An awesome and dead-simple site when it comes to writing articles online and making money. You have to write a lot of articles in the beginning, though, in order to start making enough cash to meet the minimum payout rate. But once you get the hang of it there is no limit to your earnings.

Swagbucks (

This site is a great website. Swagbucks is basically a search engine where every few times you search you’ll earn one or more Swagbucks. Once you’ve earned enough Swagbucks you can redeem them for different merchandise items and gift cards. The best deal is the $5 gift card which only costs 45 Swagbucks. If you search regularly, you should be able to get at least one $5 gift card a month. Also, this site offers tons of contests and sweepstakes. Definitely worth your time.


Cash4Books (

If you have books lying around unused and you don’t know what to do with them then visit to this site. You enter the book’s ISBN number and then you can see if they’ll buy the book from you and for how much. They only accept a certain number of books, but it’s worth a try to see if they’ll buy your book. And they also pay for the shipping. (

On this website you can send in all your used, empty ink cartridges which you would normally throw away and get paid for it. How simple it can get! The company then recycles the cartridges. You can also send in unused ink cartridges and your old cell phones to earn some extra money. The only thing is that you need to save all your cartridges until you have at least 20 to get free shipping

Toluna (

This site pays you for making surveys and give opinions on topics people submit. The minimum payout rate is $10.00, and now that the surveys are harder to qualify for it may take a while to reach the $10.00. But again, like Triond, if you work for some time, your work will be rewarded. Besides, the payment is reliable.

Bing Cashback (

For online shopping go to this website coz they pay you cash-back for every purchase you make through them. They don’t have partnerships, unfortunately, with a lot of the major online stores, but if you have a specific item in mind you can always compromise and buy it from a different store that Bing has a partnership with as it works out a lot cheaper. It is good for purchase of electronics goods

Moola (

This site pays you to play games. There are only a few games, but the site’s concept is very interesting. Moola gives you a penny to start out with and you play games against other people to win their penny. After you win their penny then you play against another person for two pennies, then four, etc.  The way they pay for it is by making you watch an ad before every game you play.

Well, these are the seven useful and user friendly sites that I have tried to earn some extra cash. I hope you have some luck on your side to use them to your benefit. Best of luck try it and tell me what you think of it.


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