How to Connect Laptop Computer to TV using S-Video Cable

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Laptop computers provide great portability and flexibility due to its size and weight. But there are few circumstances when a bigger screen display is more desirable like when watching DVDs, online movies, or family photo slideshow. This article will walk you through the steps on how to connect laptop computers to TV using S-Video cables. It does not take a brain surgery to do this… it’s quite easy actually.

1. First, familiarize yourself with different S-Video cables that you can use to connect your laptop computer to TV. It also depends on what type of TV you will use… old CRT TV or Digital TV (HDTV).

S-Video cable – is a connector with 4-pin DIN (male) on both ends. Use this if your TV is digital. Take note that this cable is for video transmission only.

S-Video to RCA cable – is a connector with 4-pin DIN (male) on one end and RCA on the other end. Use this cable if your TV is CRT type. Take note that this cable is also for video transmission only.

S-Video to 3 RCA cable – has two connector on one end for 4-pin DIN (male) and Stereo Audio as the input and three RCA connector on the other end for Video and Audio output. This is the complete set that you would want to have if you want both Video and Audio to output from the TV. You can use this on both CRT type and HDTV.

Mini-to-RCA cable – has mini jack on one end and two RCA connectors on the other end for audio transmission. Use this if you only have S-Video or S-Video to RCA cables.

2. Now let’s start the connection. If your TV is CRT, you have to use either S-Video cable or S-Video to RCA cable because it does not have S-Video port. If you use S-Video cable, plug one end of the cable to S-Video port of your laptop and the RCA connector end to the RCA Video input of the TV. For the audio, use the mini-to-RCA cable to transmit the audio to your TV. You can also choose to use PC speakers if you have one. If you use S-Video to 3 RCA cable, then you have both Audio and Video outputted to your TV. Connect the S-Video connector to the port on your laptop as well as the mini jack for the Audio. The other end, which is the 3 RCA connectors, should be connected to your TV Audio and Video input.

If your TV is Digital or HDTV, you can use any of the three S-Video cables. Connect the cables in the same manner as the CRT TV. Only difference is you have the option to use S-Video cable because HDTV has S-Video port like your laptop computer.

3. Switch your TV to AV or INPUT mode.

4. PC: Press Function (Fn) + Video Output (usually F4) key and your laptop LCD should now turn black and the output will display on TV. Now, some laptops have option to display the screen on both the laptop LCD and the TV (dual screen) so you need to press Video Output key twice while holding the Function (Fn) key to toggle. That’s it… now you can enjoy a widescreen experience watching movies on your laptop computers. When you are done, just press again Function (Fn) + Video Output to toggle the screen back to your laptop computer.

MAC: On the apple system preference, click Detect Displays to detect connection to TV.

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