How To Find Names And Addresses By Numbers Fast

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How can you find someone’s name and address when you only know their phone number? When you want to find information about a phone number and find it fast a directory is the best place to look. These directories are large public directories with large databases of information. They can be searched several ways free. You can find landline and cellular numbers fast, free and easy. Many of them will show you other information about the phone number’s owner including their age and the names of other people at that address. They also provide links to maps of the area.  

The best free online reverse phone number lookup service is the online directory assistance website. You should also try 411 for ease of reading. This online service provides a fast name and address in large easy to read type. You can click the Map View tab above the entry to see a map. If you click the name you will see some links to print, send and save the information. There is no charge for this easy to use service.

This free online lookup service is easier to use because you can search from the home page. You can find the information faster. You can also search for email addresses from the home page. Type the number in the reverse lookup form and click search. You can also search for zipcodes and area codes.

Another free online service you will like is AnyWho. Type a number in the reverse phone lookup box at AnyWho, click find and you will quickly see the owner’s name and address. If you click the person’s name you may see a map of the area where they live. This is a free service.

It is easy to find people’s numbers at WhitePages. Type the number in the reverse phone number lookup box and click find and you will see the owner’s name and address. If you click the person’s name you will also see a map showing their location.

PhoneNumber has a free reverse lookup. Type in the number and click search to see the owner’s name and address. You can also see a map, print the information or send it to your email.

You can search for information about people at NetSleuth by their name, state and age. Type a phone number in the free reverse number search form there with the state. Then you will see information about the owner like their first name, family name, age and the names of some people who may be related to them. The information comes up on the screen after you type in the number, select the state from the drop down menu and click search. There is no charge. You can sign up for an offer for some more information. You can also pay for more information or a membership.


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