From Small Things to Big Things

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From Small Things to Big Things

Don’t think that you are too young or too old to try doing great things.

An 11-year old girl is a member of an environmentalist group for over three years. As young as she is, she has already saved many species’ lives. She is a diver and she often saves the marine wildlife.

Just few years ago, a Filipino taxi driver returned the jewelries, approximately worth $8 million, which was left by a man in his cab. He was given a reward in return.

The two are just some of the people who have done great , in their own ways. We, too, could be like them. We can do great things by starting from the smaller ones. We just don’t know it when we have done something great. It’s either you know that it could lead to the achievement of big things or you do it out of nothing, without expecting that it will turn out into something great.

Who could tell that by merely picking up the banana peeling on the floor you have already saved your grandmother’s life? If you did not pick it, she could have slipped and broke her back or worse, she could have died. Anybody mature enough to understand things could do the simple act.

Who says you need to be mature to achieve great things? If you think you’re still young, start now. If you think you’re already old, start still. Anyway, it’s better lane than never. Isn’t it?

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