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Bird Cage

(Plight of a Philippine Science High School student)

Walking to class everyday means more than just going there, sitting down, and listening to the teacher blabbing all day with not a word getting inside your head. You have to condition yourself up for the whole boring day, urging yourself that doing some freakin’ good deed once in a while would not hurt. Learning is fun, they say. They have to be people who walk around in precalculated struts and overwhelmingly large bulk of brains.

Try to be someone like them, or to be more specific, like US. Wasting away all the fun we could have enjoyed in life. Honestly speaking (as much as I detest being a hypocrite myself), I don’t like the situation we are in now.

We’ve done our job well as young as we are – this could have been forced child labor! But of course, we also know that this is “for the good of our future”. Future-shmuture… we do not even know what calamity would happen at this very minute.

For Christ’s sake, we are teenagers! ‘Tis the point where we should experience the wonders of the world. Meet new people. See new places. Trip and fall but always rise up and try again. That’s the way learning should have been – through real-time hands-on experience.

Nevertheless, rules have to be made to create order in the society, to prevent people to go way over the limits, to set a straight path to boring righteousness. But then again, rules are made to be broken. Man is innately independent and terribly bad, corresponding consequences for misconduct should then be observed. But no matter how many times the law tries to straighten the crooked, that is also the number of times the straightened becomes crooked again…

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