The Budget Minded Traveler

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1. Choose one mediums sized bag and stop when you can’t stuff one more item inside.

2. Take one pair of earrings.

3. Take one pair of shoes if possible. I try for a wedge shaped flip flop that is at least dressy enough to wear with a skirt, but informal enough to wear to the beach.

4. Pack all of your makeup in a zip lock bag. In the bag is one compact, one blush, one eye liner, one lip color and a tube of mascara.

5. Buy a bag that has pockets on the outside. Yes, I know that it’s cheating but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

6. Give yourself a shopping budget. I give myself a dollar limit for the day and go no further. It’s hard, but your shopping can get carried away when you are on vacation.

7. Don’t take good jewelry with you and that includes your watch. I only take what I don’t mind losing. there must be a law about that sort of thing. I always take one pair of hoop earrings that have to be ten years old. They have been all around the world with me and haven’t lost them yet. I have a pair of emerald earring I wore to the supermarket here at home once and managed to lose one of them.

8. If you love perfume, I have another little trick. I only buy a new fragrance when on holiday. It becomes part of my vacation budget and then when I get home it becomes a wonderful souvenir. Every time I wear it, I’m reminded of what a great time I had.

There you have it. A few really simple little ways to keep things to a minimum. It certainly makes traveling a whole lot more enjoyable!


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