First Priority, Take Care of Yourself!

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Self-sacrifice is beautiful, it shows we have concern for people, other than ourselves. Wives sacrifice for their husbands, the same for husbands, mothers are always sacrificing for their children.  Friends put their friends before their own needs and the circle goes on. But we do ourselves a total disservice, if we do not recognize that in order to be of good service or help to others, we must make sure that we take care of ourselves first. If we are worn out physically and emotionally drained, the assistance that we try to give to others will be sub-standard at best and will only result in making us worse off for trying to do something that is a detriment to our health. It is therefore very important, in my estimation, that we put our personal house in order, get in shape, so that we will be an asset to those we are trying to assist and help ourselves as well.

If you wanted for instance, to give a ride to a friend and your automobile was burning oil, had almost no gas in the tank, your tires were low on air and your muffler was broken, would your car be ready to make the trip?   I seriously doubt it. It would be the same thing with your body and your mind. You can’t be at your best when, you are stressed out, overweight, your blood pressure is too high and your cholesterol levels are nowhere near normal. Stop the train, pull the bus over, we need a reality check. Get in touch with yourself, and realize that you must be kind to yourself before trying to be there for the other important people in your life. Do this for your self, get a physical, find out where you are health wise, develop a plan of action to change things for the better. Begin to meditate and build a mental reserve, so that when things get on your nerves, it will be easier to recover. Start to eat a healthier diet, put down the salt shaker, lay off the cheese and drink more water. Start a moderate exercise program, walking briskly through the house with small weights or books can get you started. Pamper yourself as well, so that you feel rewarded.for your efforts.

Once you put things in place which help you to be a stronger, healthier person, you will  enjoy so much more, helping others with whatever they need. Because you in the process, will not be short changing yourself and
life will be more satisfying for you and all those around you, who you love and who love you.


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