How To Use Banner Exchange Services to Boost Your Website Exposure

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When you are considering ways to draw visitors to your website for little or no cost it may be worth testing banner exchange services.

Banner exchange services require you to place an html code into your site where you want their banner to be placed.  In exchange, you submit a banner image to their service, which is placed on others sites.  There are some requirements, usually the size of the banner you will place and submit, and the placement of the banner ad on your website page.

Most banner ad services offer and require from you images which are 468×60 dpi.  Some accept moving images but be careful – they may reject your banner if it exceeds the size they accept.  Check all requirements before you join a service.

After you place their image onto your site they will usually require a time period to check your site to make sure their banner is actually placed, then they will begin running your banner on other sites if it meets their requirements.  Each banner exchange service has their own exchange ratio, which means you will receive a certain number of exposures (your banner on other sites) based on the number of exposures their banner receives on your site.  For each exposure you earn credits, which you can redeem for exposures of your banner.  You can check the exchange service site each day for your statistics.

Many of the banner exchange services also offer an immediate number of exposures just for joining.  This could be in the THOUSANDS, and each service is different.  They will also allow you to select the kinds of banners you will run on your site and the kinds of sites your banner runs on.

Selecting the right service is a little tricky.  It takes time to complete the forms to join a service.  Here are the results we received from our test:

52% of the forms had no problems, went through fine, accepted our banner, and their banner was placed on our site within minutes.

48% of the forms were not able to be submitted because of a programming error on their end, and no emails were returned.

Of the forms that were processed:

65% required up to five business days to check our site for their banner and approve our banner for placement in their service.  This means we were giving them exposure for that period of time while receiving nothing in return.

35% accepted our ad immediately after checking our site for their ad.  This took only a few minutes and our banner was receiving exposure.

15% gave our banner 1,000 free exposures once our banner was accepted, 8% gave us 5,000 free exposures!

89% offered and accepted in return only 468×60 dpi banners.

62% required their banner to be placed within the top 5% of the page.

While we tested quite a few services we settled on only three of the best.  Our final selections were based on exposure ratio and quality of the ads placed onto our site.


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