How To Have Halloween Sounds & Music at your Halloween Party

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Listen here to how this haunted house sounds, in Bruges-la-Morte. Yeah, this is how Halloween sounds! And this is how a Halloween Soundscape sounds, created by Your Lovely Psycho: Lunatic & the Chainsaw. Here is an Audio Drama Compilation made by Nando from the 1968 Classic Horror Movie by George A. Romero: The Night of the Living Dead.

Haunting Music

Every Halloween night, people from all around climb each other’s shoulders to catch a glimpse of the grand piano that was left in the house by the last occupants. The lid is always open, a piano stool in place. And every Halloween night, everybody in the street can hear that wonderful music… Even you can hear a ghost playing the piano.

It’s midnight now, and this haunted house in Bruges-la-Morte is completely deserted. In each of the rooms, it is pitch black, apart from the room in which the grand piano plays the same wonderful melody over and over again, caught in a web of white light… Can you hear it?

But where is the pianist? The keys of the piano are touched by invisible fingers… And a beautiful young lady dances to the tunes of the ghostly music through the walls of this haunted house and disappears slowly into the night and into the mist. Do you see her?

Crazy Carlota

The 19th century Belgian princess Charlotte was for a short time Empress of Mexico. During the Mexican Civil War, when the Mexican peasants rose up to fight against Emperor Maximiliano, she fled to Europe seeking aid for her husband, but she had no success. While she was in Europe, her husband was captured and executed at Queretaro. Charlotte lost her mind and “Mama Carlota” became “Crazy Carlota”. She remembers Queretaro… and the wonderful tunes of her glory days: The Violins of the Blue Danube.

Two creepy folksongs

Isabel Dancesis a song about a girl who loves to dance… even with the Devil. And May Colvenis an old folksong about a medieval serial killer.

And some Horror Soundtracks:

It’s no Fun being Dead!


Dancing in Hell…


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