patrick swayzes, charter comes to an end.

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 Today morning when I got up the first news that blared on the news channel is the death of Patrick Swayze. He was just 57. This news left me totally shell shattered as he had been my favorite hero and I don’t remember how many times I had watched the movie Ghost to just see him. Of course I was aware of the fact that Swayze had been battling with pancreatic cancer for a couple of years (when the prognosis is usually less than 6 months) but still it was too much to digest this fact that today was the day.

The British newspapers have been giving huge coverage to this news of Patrick Swayze’s death from pancreatic cancer. The Telegraph collected quotes from those closely associated with him:

Demi Moore, who played Swayze’s fiancée in Ghost, wrote: “Patrick you are loved by so many and your light will forever shine in all of our lives”, while her husband Ashton Kutcher, tweeted: “RIP P Swayze”.

In addition The Telegraph also goes on to collect facts and figures about Patrick Swayze’s life as a mark of tribute to his life:

Swayze’s movie characters had some catchy lines that had truly made a mark on the generation such as “Pain don’t hurt” from his role in “Road House” or his famous often-cited line “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” from “Dirty Dancing.”

Swayze was still working while he underwent treatment. He was writing a memoir and recently made The Beast, a well-received cable TV series about a veteran FBI agent.

Just a few days before this dreaded day, it was reported that he had left hospital to spend some time with his wife, Lisa Niemi, his childhood sweetheart from Houston.

The Times does its bit:

Patrick Swayze was in his mid-thirties when he became a craze overnight with the romantic dance movie Dirty Dancing, in which he played the dance instructor Johnny Castle, and Jennifer Grey was his pupil Baby. The film which was intended primarily for video grossed more than $200 million worldwide and was the run away hit that year.

            Besides, it was a common knowledge that he was a very talented man who used his talent, a loving man who loved his wife. He was soft hearted, an avid conservationist, an expert dancer, he wrote hit songs and an amazing horseman.


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