Enhancing Her with a Special Date

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Written for guys who want to impress their girls, or if you are female ideas to share with him to have a good time, be sweet, creative, show you know something about her, make her feel like she’s someone and have a good time. If I didn’t include something you think she’d like message me a hobby of hers and I’ll come up with something.

Mysteries are fun as it is, and I’m sure she’d love o learn more about you so maybe set up a scavenger hunt in the park, print a small mystery script off the internet, give her a starting clue to find the rest that eventually lead to something about you she might not have known before. Spice it up a bit. Every time she finds the next clue, maybe there’s a piece of candy attached or she gets a kiss, which means you get a kiss too!

Let’s say she’s into music, don’t just take her dancing, take her to a sing and dance karaoke bar! Be careful about this ne as if you haven’t been going together to long this could make her uncomfortable. It’s a bar after all and you don’t want her to be scared, uncomfortable, or awkward. So surprise her, but when you get there assure her it’s just a fun, creative date to show you respect her musical interests. It’s romantic and unique; if you two trust each other and feel comfortable with one another you’re going to have a blast showing your love.

Maybe your girl adores animals. This gives you quite a few options; maybe she’d enjoy you and her going to a pound for a day and spending time petting the animals. Its beneficiary for them and you and while slightly saddening you’re both experiencing love with animals which could get you to open up some more with each other or just feel closer meanwhile you’re spending time with animal in need and she loves animals! You could go to a petting zoo; you could take her to the zoo, make sure the day isn’t too hot, or take her somewhere nature blooms and look for animals, maybe add some imagination in and explore maybe finding some fantasy creatures along the way.

If she likes to read find a small chapter book, read it over the week, then have a small two person book talk party. Drinks and food for the two of you and you have something to talk about which she will love.

Writing, make her a poem, it expresses your love to her, shows you appreciate her hobbies, that she’s not just a hott chick to you, take her out to a lake or open field and recite it for her, it’s extremely romantic and a kiss is the least you’ll get. I don’t promise the whole shebang no matter how long you’ve been going but she’ll feel so special ad will want to give you the same feeling.

Sports, play a game of it together! It shows you know what she likes; you both have fun, she each other’s cute mistakes, and even gets to be a bit competitive. It shows you two can have a good time, be comfortable with competition, and it’s fun! You see the childish happy sides of each other and do something new.

Is she your beauty queen? Oh no, you’re saying you can’t afford what you think is coming, we’ll guess what, you guessed wrong. Get to know her favorite colors, get a few different fabrics from maybe a thrift store. No don’t start shaking your head its cloth its fine, it doesn’t need t be expensive; you’re going to have fun not just give a gift. Ok if you don’t know how to sew its fine, get one of these cheap hand held do it yourself sewers that look like a staple, turn it on and move it down the seam you wish to sew and it does it for you. They shouldn’t be more than twenty dollars. You and she can have fun cutting, creating, and styling her something and if it ends up a piece of crud, hey you had a laugh and she can put it on her doll. You combine art, style, and make a fun gift for her.

Cooking might be a bit cliché but really how often do you cook with her and of course we’re being unique here so I have a twist. Try cooking together, the whole throwing ingredients at each other, being each other’s taste testers, teasing, and slipping bites into each other’s mouth which can be followed up sucking sensually on her finger tips which she’s sure to find sweet (maybe slightly embarrassing, but hey she’ll still love it). My fun, creative bit comes in here: make a game from it. You could do so many different things! Let’s see you could make a pasta and “shoot baskets” with the food into a pot, you could , you could make pizza and play cards, every time you win a hand you pick the next topping for it! There are so many options, cheesy, but sweet. Be creative.

If she’s artsy you can have a lot of fun with a little paint. Paint a design on her or your wall, paint fun little things on each other, make each other pictures, they don’t have to be good as your expressing you know something about her which makes any girl’s heart skip a beat, and being sweet.


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