Reviewing Saba Blue Water Cafe in Austin, Texas

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Saba Blue Water Café is located at 208 4th Street in downtown Austin and it is open for lunch and dinner from Monday through Friday and they also offer brunch during the weekend. The restaurant offers a variety of Pacific, Caribbean and Latin flavors as well as great fun and laid-back atmosphere, even though the prices are a little on the mid-high side.

For their vast wine section you can order for the whites you can order the Italo Cescon Pinot Grigio from the Friuli region in Italy for $7.50 a glass, or El Portillo Chardonnay Mendoza from Argentina for $6.50 or the Famega Vinho from Portugal for $6.00. And for the reds you can sip on the Vistalba ‘Corte C’ Malbec from Argentina for $8.00 a glass or the Red Mud Shiraz from Australia for $7.50.

The restaurant also offers refreshing cocktails such as the Pacifica Blue Water Martini which is Citrus Vodka and Blue Curacao for $7.00, or the Rojo Mojito which is an exotic fruit infusion of Remy Red for $8.00 or even the Frozen Saba Colada which is frozen infusion of coconut, pineapple, light rum, rum, and Blue Curacao for $8.00.

For their soups and salads you can order the mango spinach salad which is almond crusted goat cheese, vanilla bean vinaigrette for $7.00, or the red chili tortilla soup which is smoked chicken, and Monterrey Jack cheese for $4.00.

For their entrées you can the curry tilapia which is pineapple rice, sautéed asparagus red curry reduction for $16.00, or the flavorful mahi-mahi which comes with lemongrass cream, hoisin glazed banana, pineapple rice for $18.00, or the Saba paella which comes with scallops, shrimp, mussels, calamari, mahi-mahi, saffron rice for $17.00.

Saba Blue water café also offer a section of shareable plates such as the Mu Shu pork which are sesame pancakes, Asian BBQ sauce for $7.00, or the steak churrasco which comes with garlic and olive oil marinade and a chimichurri dipping sauce for $9.00 or even the plantain crusted shrimp with a mango ginger mojo for $8.00.


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