Condemned 2 Bloodshot Achievement List Xbox 360

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Condemned 2 Bloodshot Achievement List Xbox 360:

<u>Anger Management</u> – Get emotional!
<u>Beat Cop</u> – Beat your way through a mission
<u>Big Game Hunter</u> – Get up close and personal with the antler
<u>Self Medicated</u> – Heal thyself, physician
<u>Brick Wall</u> – MP – Block it away!
<u>Bum King</u> – No guns, no problem
<u>Can You Hear Me Now?</u> – Emitter Removal Service
<u>Chain Gang</u> – Use all chain attacks a few times
<u>Chief Investigator</u> – Complete all missions in Hard mode
<u>Collector</u> – Scan the MP goodies once, twice, thrice – and more!
<u>Decisive Restraint</u> – Restraint is a virtue.
<u>Defender</u> – MP Defense 10 times over on the evidence
<u>Detective</u> – Get through a mission in FPS
<u>Detective – First Grade</u> – Shoot your way through it all in FPS
<u>Bloodshot</u> – Unlock all Bloodshot Fight Clubs
<u>EPA (Environmental Pwnage Area)</u> – Grab your foes by the neck and do what’s necessary
<u>Flambe</u> – Splash, Shock and Fry
<u>Gold-Plated</u> – Go gold in all missions
<u>GOOOAAALLLL!</u> – Use the foosball table piece to your advantage
<u>Investigator</u> – You took on the hardest and beat them at their game
<u>Just The Facts</u> – MP Crime Scene Goodness
<u>Master Investigator</u> – PERFECTION as a sleuth all the way through
<u>Magellan</u> – Explore all maps more than once!
<u>A La Mode</u> – 5 scoops of everything
<u>MP Overachiever</u> – Win a Deathmatch game with 15 kills without dying.
<u>The Plumber</u> – Find a pipe and use it frequently
<u>Punch Drunk</u> – MP – Duke of Queensbury Rules Only
<u>Restraint… Not</u> – Win Crime Scene games as SCU without firing a shot.
<u>Rush Champ</u> – Take SCU out with the trash 5 times
<u>Serial Killer</u> – Go kill, kill, kill in MP
<u>SKX</u> – Kill the killers.
<u>Sleuth</u> – Be the PERFECT sleuth
<u>Survivor King</u> – Bum Rush Survivor multiple times
<u>Trooper</u> – Complete the single-player game
<u>Tune In Tokyo</u> – Tune in all those TVs
<u>Sidekick</u> – Assist in scanning evidence in Crime Scene mode
<u>The Final Word</u> – You never forget your first time.
<u>Cut Throat</u> – Finish it!

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