Infinite Undiscovery Achievement List Xbox 360

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Infinite Undiscovery Achievement List Xbox 360:

<u>Surprise!</u> – Attack the enemy without being detected.
<u>Blitzkrieg</u> – Keep on surprising the enemy.
<u>Infinitely Unobservant</u> – Keep on getting surprised by the enemy.
<u>Groundbreaking</u> – Work on your ground combos.
<u>Aerial Acrobat</u> – Work on your aerial combos.
<u>Down to Earth</u> – Work on your down strikes.
<u>Stalwart</u> – Learn every battle skill.
<u>Sagacious</u> – Learn every spell.
<u>Artistic</u> – Learn every tune.
<u>Compulsive</u> – Obtain every item.
<u>Mister Chef</u> – Improve your cooking skills!
<u>Claridian Chef</u> – Keep improving your cooking skills!
<u>Aspiring Chemist</u> – Improve your alchemy skills!
<u>Claridian Mind</u> – Keep improving your alchemy skills!
<u>Goldsmith</u> – Improve your forging skills!
<u>Claridian Hammer</u> – Keep improving your forging skills!
<u>Bestselling Author</u> – Improve your writing skills!
<u>Claridian Scribe</u> – Keep improving your writing skills!
<u>High Enchanter</u> – Improve your enchanting skills!
<u>Claridian Hand</u> – Keep improving your enchanting skills!
<u>Social Butterfly</u> – Take advantage of your party’s skills.
<u>Filthy Rich</u> – Gather as much Fol as you can.
<u>Hero of the Millennium</u> – Defeat as many enemies as you can.
<u>Time for Glasses?</u> – Keep on clocking hours.
<u>Barrel of Lulz</u> – Detonate all the barrels in prison.
<u>On the Run</u> – Deliver Aya to the village without getting hurt.
<u>Rock, Stock, and Barrel</u> – Use machines of war to destroy your foes.
<u>Capell to the Rescue</u> – Rescue the imprisoned.
<u>Guardian</u> – Deliver the villagers without letting any of them perish.
<u>For the Children</u> – Rescue the child before he gets hurt.
<u>Reckless Driver</u> – Use the carts in the mine.
<u>The Tide of Battle</u> – Watch out for the tsunami.
<u>Imperial Guard</u> – Hurry to the empress.
<u>Marathon Man</u> – Hurry to the village under attack.
<u>Hephaestus’s Hammer</u> – Forged an azureal blade.
<u>Creme de la Creme</u> – Cooked a Heaven and Earth Dish.
<u>Mad Scientist</u> – Alchemized a Holy Grail.
<u>Summa Cum Laude</u> – Wrote “Will of the Universe”
<u>Bad Influence</u> – Allowed nine characters to vermify.
<u>Cherubic Gatekeeper</u> – Defeated Ethereal Queen in Hard mode.
<u>Azure Avenger</u> – Destroyed the Azure Chain.
<u>Crimson Crusader</u> – Destroyed the Crimson Chain.
<u>Orange Officer</u> – Destroyed the Orange Chain.
<u>Cerulean Savior</u> – Destroyed the Cerulean Chain.
<u>Amber Ace</u> – Destroyed the Amber Chain.
<u>Ashen Assailant</u> – Destroyed the Ashen Chain.
<u>Vengeance at Last</u> – Defeated the Dreadknight.
<u>Decide</u> – Defeated Veros.
<u>Big Daddy’s Back</u> – Sigmund joined your party in the Seraphic Gate.
<u>Seraphic Gatekeeper</u> – Defeated Ethereal Queen in Infinity mode.

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